WHERE ARE WE?    23rd May 2022          Week 16

6900 miles from Fortrose

14+ Walkers

Funds Raised to 23rd May £1410                 Target £8890



Thank you for considering walking/running virtually with us to Malawi.


Below are the guidelines for the trip. The walk started on 1st February 2022 .


You can join the Group walk at any time. 


Please email us using the form below and we will send you the link details to the World Walking site.


There is an age limit for use of the World Walking site so school age people eg Fortrose Adademy should contact Miss A Stewart.


When you walk or run please do so safely at all times. 


Simply record your mileage/kilometers or steps and either enter them on the World Walking site or App daily or weekly using the individual link sent to you or submit the record to a Group leader if you are part of a group. 


Distance covered will be shown on the World walking site and summarised here regularly.


Donations can be made through our Donations page. It is suggested that you try to obtain sponsorship for your distance walked or simply donate an amount.


We would be inspired if we were able to raise £1 for every mile to Malawi.


Our thanks to www.worldwalking.org who have provided the walk for us.Visit their site and see other walks you may enjoy.


To ask for access to the Group walk please submit the form below.  If there is space you will then be sent a link to the Walk by email.  See our Privacy page for further details.

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