The fund helps to improve educational provision for pupils of Mulanje Mission Community Day Secondary School. This includes raising money for further education bursaries to help students find employment and also helping raise money to provide school facilities. It can be used for children who have started education and would otherwise be unable to finish or for those who can not have education because their families cannot meet the costs.  Girls have equal access to the funds as boys.


After primary school, all education is fee-paying, which puts it beyond the reach of most people in Malawi, the 10th poorest country in the world.



What We Offer


We provide funds to a local committee in Malawi who identify students that wish to get further education after secondary school.  They also provide ideas for projects witrhin the school grounds that we help to provide funds for.  The Malawi committee is made up of the Headteacher, 3 teachers, the Parents Association Committee chairman and other co-opted members as required.


In Scotland the Trustees are made up of teachers and retired teachers from or with a connection to Fortrose Academy and the Malawi link and a member of the Nelson family.