The fund is named after Linda Nelson. Linda was a teacher at Fortrose Academy in the Highlands of Scotland where she taught Geography, a subject that she loved.  She had studied at Edinburgh University where she was awarded the Royal Scottish Geography Society Medal in 1976. Prior to her post in Fortrose Academy she had worked in St Ives, Cambridgeshire and Baghdad International School, Iraq.


‘She took a great personal interest in her pupils and got them to strive to achieve their best in all their work.’


In 2004 she helped set up a link between Fortrose Academy and Mulanje Mission School in Malawi and in 2005 together with English Teacher Rona Mackintosh she visited the school to arrange a pupil/teacher exchange . She was deeply touched by her visit to Malawi and the friendships she made there and had planned to visit again with a group of 12 school children in June 2006.


The Fund that she set up in 2006 was principally to help provide bursaries for Further and Higher Education after attending school. Following Linda’s death from cancer in 2006 the fund is now managed by a small committee of friends, colleagues and family with strong connections to Fortrose Academy Malawi Schools Link.


There is a close link through the school with the Mulanje Mission Hospital and through it to the wider community.